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Kaju Kalash (Gagari)

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Kaju Kalash (Gagari)

Kaju Kalash (Gagari)

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My Kaju Kalash is a sweet that I have seen at any store before. This recipe is my attempt to make it delicious and fresh for the hostess. The outside of the Kalash pot is made of sugar, milk, and cashew nut. For me these ingredients symbolize the love and festivity that my mom imparted every year in making Kaju Katli. I have filled the kalash pot with the mixture of dry fig, almonds, and pistachios, and then topped with pistachios and almonds to look like a complete Kalash to spread Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. These Kaju Kalash looked super cute and I was so excited to place it on the handpainted tray and diya that I completed just a night before the party. I painted the tray with acrylic colors and decorated it with puffy paints and rhinestones

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