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Mini Launglata (Dry Fruits Mixed)

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Mini Launglata (Dry Fruits Mixed)

Mini Launglata (Dry Fruits Mixed)

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Famous Indian regional sweet lavang latta which has many names like laung lata, laung latika, etc. Lavang latta cover is made of all purpose flour and stuffed with khoya, nuts. Lavang latas are deep fried and then soaked in thick sweet sugar syrup. The outer cover of lavang latta is crispy and it is soft- moist from inside. This Indian sweet is very popular in my hometown Varanasi. I have grown up eating this sweet and always craved for it. It’s one of the perfect Indian dessert made on occasion like: festival, birthday party or any get together. Serve these lavang latas hot or warm just the way you like it. You can refrigerate lavang lattas for 2-3 days in air tight container.

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